“There is no doubt that good luthiers can make good guitars. However, through a combination of tone-wood selection, design and construction technique it takes exceptional luthiers to make guitars with life and character. David Merrin ranks as one of these, and I am fortunate enough to own one of his guitars. From a distance its design is elegantly under-stated, but closer inspection reveals the intricacy of design and construction of a master craftsman. The outstanding construction is matched by the guitar’s performance with warm mellow Spanish basses and crystal trebles beautifully balanced across the whole tonal spectrum. In short the guitar is so good that you just want to play it more. Anyone looking for a top quality luthier-built concert level instrument would be well advised to include David on their list of guitars to try.” Dr Geoff Roberts, Milton Keynes

“The guitar is amazing. I’m trying to resist the urge to lick it.” Matt, Wendover Bucks

David Merrin guitar made for PH Goh“This guitar is gorgeous, the wonderful shape of the instrument is enhanced by an exquisitely UNIQUE ROSETTE and purfling design. The workmanship is extraordinary and the French polish is beautifully applied. This guitar surpasses many world famous instruments that cost much more! The sound is ELEGANT – deep firm basses with crystal clear singing treble, very ‘Spanish’. The playability is superb and volume is good. A friend of mine (who owns many famous guitars) tried the instrument two days after I received it and immediately asked me to email David so that he could order one for himself. Those who have not tried a David Merrin guitar do not know what they are missing!” PH Goh, Singapore

“I love this guitar. David has produced an absolute gem. Acoustically well balanced from top to bottom and beautifully made, it is a joy to play. Above all, it sings!” Eric Hill

“My love affair with the gorgeous guitar from David Merrin has continued to grow over the 6 months since I purchased it. Both its shear outstanding beauty, craftsmanship and its wonderful sweetness and clarity of tone continue to impress me. It has a very balanced sound with wonderful overtones. I have found the guitar ‘easy to play’ and love the very lyrical sound it produces. Like others I have found David a very generous and easy going person to deal with. Thank you David for continued joy with this guitar.” Philip Rubin, Newcastle, UK

“I first played one of David’s guitars over ten years ago and purchased one immediately, I have used them for performing ever since. The guitars have great volume and sustain with an exceptional tone, I have recently commissioned a new guitar and I consider David’s guitars to be the finest I have played.” Michael Kendrick, Classical guitarist, performer and teacher, Herts, England

“David Merrin is producing some of the finest hand-built guitars in England today. Using only the very best materials available his instruments bear the hallmark of a first class craftsman. David is not only an exceptional maker but is also a top class player; this puts him in a unique position amongst today’s makers as his skill as a player helps him understand just what today’s musicians require from their instrument. As a player and teacher of the guitar for over 30 years I have no hesitation in recommending the guitars of David Merrin as amongst the very best available today.” Robin Burgess, Guitar Teacher, Tring

David Merrin ebony guitar“With the ‘Ebony Guitar’ David has produced a wonderfully crafted and contemporary looking instrument with a lovely rich depth of tone.” Boe Pyne, Teacher, Bedford

“The guitar has been a revelation. In terms of playability, responsiveness and sheer breathtaking tone, it seems to offer new depths and nuances every time it is played. The instrument has opened up many new musical horizons for me personally, and I’m sure will continue to do so for many years. Thank you for creating a guitar with that special indefinable ‘something’, and I would recommend anybody who is searching for a high-quality instrument to put a ‘Merrin’ on their try-out list.” Dave Southall, Birmingham UK

“Careful selection of materials and painstaking workmanship make these beautiful instruments sound and look superb. I am so pleased with mine that I have ordered another.” Peter Goldberg, Harpenden, Herts

“I purchased my David Merrin guitar in 2003. My first impression was one of exquisite workmanship. Coupled with this, you have a superb balance across all the strings, good projection and a sweet sounding first string. The guitar itself, gets better and better, as David predicted. A fine instrument.” Robin Coulthard, North Herts, Music school guitar teacher

David Merrin small guitar“I asked David to make me a small guitar. He made me a guitar with a smaller body than standard and a narrower neck, but he kept the same scale length as a full-size guitar. I picked it up in August 2004 and it is a delight – easy to play and light to hold but with a very full sound. It has inspired me to play more – thank you David.” Liz Revell, Newport Pagnell

“I have watched and listened to David Merrin’s progress as a guitar maker over the years. Through his patience and craftsmanship, David has cracked the secret of how to make beautiful guitars. The guitar I bought recently has stunning looks and produces an incredible sound. I still can’t believe that such a delicate instrument can develop such great sound projection and still retain the subtle quality necessary for a concert platform. Since I bought my Merrin guitar, I haven’t been able to bring myself to play my former favourite guitar, so outclassed is it by David’s handiwork.” Paul Doherty, Harpenden

“I bought a guitar from David three years ago because I was not only impressed with the sheer quality and craftsmanship of his work but because David is such an easy person to deal with and he has an intrinsic understanding of what the player is looking for in a guitar.” Ewan Kellock, Scotland

“I am the proud owner of three of David’s guitars. All are a demonstration of the creative craftmanship and design. Tailor made for me, I have found my instruments to be responsive, playable and just beautiful. I love them.” Sue Cannell, St Albans