David Merrin, maker of fine classical guitars and based in the UK, was Jose and Liam Romanillos’ selected luthier of 2008.

“I aim for a well-balanced, clear tone with a depth of sound and the lyrical quality that we associate with the Spanish guitar. Also, as a player myself, I understand the importance of having a guitar that is responsive and is comfortable to play.” David Merrin

“David Merrin is one of the best young guitar makers I know. His guitars have rich warm basses and singing trebles with sustain and clarity. They have a wide tonal palette and David’s craftsmanship is simply wonderful. High quality concert guitars!” Graham Anthony Devine

Rosette on David Merrin Guitar“David Merrin is one of the UK’s most exciting guitar makers. His guitars are powerful, even in response and yet retain the sweetness of tone that we associate with the Spanish guitar. I’m lucky I’ve already got one of David’s guitars, which I not only play, but am proud to display in my guitar museum. As a collector it makes a welcome change to be in at the beginning of a great career!” Alun Morgan, Granary-Guitars

CD by David Merrin – The Sound of Spain

The Sound of SpainA selection of Spanish pieces played on 19 original instruments from the Granary-Guitar collection and demonstrating the unique and beautiful sound of the traditional Spanish guitar.

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For enquiries about sales in the USA visit www.classicguitar.com.